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Post  THE BOSS!!! on Wed Aug 22, 2007 8:10 am

Originally built as a wooden structure at the command of the President of The Canadian Pacific Railway, William Van Horne, was a shrewd business man when he decided in 1888 that this location would be excellent to have a resort hotel for travellers of the railway to take a break.
Set in the majestic setting of breathtakingly beautiful mountains, with nearby hot springs it is the ideal location.

You only have to look at pictures of the hotel as it stands now, surrounded by forest to conjure up romantic stories about the place.

When the original wooden building was finished it was found the builders had made a mistake. They had put in an extra room without any windows. Deciding not to advertise their mistake, they bricked up and hid the room. This room was discovered when a fire in 1926 revealed it.

This fire also destroyed the hotel.
The hotel that is there now was built in 1928, it was designed to look like a Scottish castle, and seeing pictures you can well imagine it is in Scotland.
From the moment of it's re-opening, the hotel attracted celebrities and royalties as guests. It is still a first class resort now.

As you can image, such a romantic setting also attracts romantic ghosts stories and the Banff Springs Hotel certainly has them.

A family was said to have been murdered in room 873, the story tells of a little girls fingerprints appearing on the mirror and no matter how often they are cleaned away, they reappear. Other strange happenings have lead the room to be sealed and hidden, but that does not stop sightings of the family been seen in the hall.

Two stories are told of how a young bride, tragically died on her wedding day as she made her way to her wedding.
Dressed in her bridal gown, one story has the bride walking down the stairs, tripping, falling and breaking her neck. The other story, has the brides dress catching fire as she descends a staircase light by candle, panicking, falling and breaking her neck.
Which ever version is correct, the bride is seen descending the stairs and also dancing in the ballroom, a thing sadly denied to her in life.

The lovely story of a man for his place of work, is the story of Sam Macauley, who worked at the hotel as a bellman. He so loved the place that despite retiring many times, he always retired to work, joking that when he passed he would haunt the place.
Sadly this seems to have come true, as Sam died in 1976, his favourite place is said to be the 9th floor. Shortly after his death a bellman dressed in the old fashion uniform that Sam favoured helped two ladies locked out of their room. Sam has often been seen and even heard but disappears when someone tries either to tip him or engage him in conversation.

You wouldn't be surprised to find in this place full of spirits, there is a ghostly barman who tells clients when they have had too much drink.
A case of a spirit telling you when you've had too much spirits bigredgrin

Lastly because it reminds you so much of a Scottish castle, you won't be surprised to hear that a headless piper has been seen playing his music.

If you want more information you can find it by either googling Banff Spring Hotel or taking a look at the following website.

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