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Again another good article found on, this one about Pittsburgh Pennsylvania by Albrech Powell.

Pennsylvania, home to Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence was drawn up, has a rich history in the making of USA, so it's not surprising it has a history of ghost stories too.

Pittsburgh for those that do not know, is or should I saw was a mining area and many Welsh miners left Wales to mine the coal in Pittsburgh, so perhaps that explains for the tales around this city.

In the Manchester area of Pittsburgh in the North Side of the city, there is a former mansion in Ridge Avenue which was the site of a murder, and has attached to it stories of the murder, human experiments and the supernatural. The ghost story is supposed to be so terrifying but the story is not listed in the article so you may have to do a bit of digging to find it
There is no specific address given for this haunting.

The site of the former Civil War prison, The National Aviary again on Pittsburgh's North Side is allegedly haunted by the ghosts of the former Confederate soldiers who were imprisoned here. The former prisoners, are said to roam around the halls after dark. Perhaps a thing denied to them whilst alive

A theatre, the Pittsburgh Playhouse it seems plays to a full house of ghosts, this famous location is 100 years old, and plays host to The Lady in White, Weeping Eleanor, Gorgeous George (not he of Star Trek/I'm a Celebrity get me outta here) and highly descriptive Bouncing Red Meaning.

There is no description of what this bunch get up to but at least four seats will be 'filled' during shows.

Bruce Hall, University of Pittsburgh has reported strange experiences in room 1201 said to be caused by ghosts

Helen Clay Frick is said to haunt her childhood home.
She is said o move among the halls of her large Victorian home Frick Mansion watching over it.

A biking and hiking trail bears the name The Ghost Town Trail, this follows a route which passes abandoned railroad tracks, past several ghost towns and follows the Blacklick Creek Valley of Cambria and Indiana counties
it also passes the Eliza Furnace, one of Pennsylvania's best-preserved hot-blast iron furnaces.
The reason for the name of this hike is the ghost of David Ritter, a former owner of the furnace, who can been seen near the entrance.
A chance to have a ghost hunt and keep healthy?

You can also indulge in your fancy for ghost walks and story telling with the areas historical and paranormal societies.
Here are the ones that the article mentions
Some are held around Halloween but if you are in Pittsburgh and intend to take part check out tourist information for times.

If you are in Zelienople and Harmony, you can take a tour on an antique bus, as you travel you will hear stories of ghost sightings and hauntings.
The Nightmare Bus Tour is the host of this evening.

A walking tour, around the historic area of the Manchester neighbour will hear you being told tales of spine-tingling tales of ghosts in this and the neighbouring places.
You need to contact Haunted Tales of Manchester Walking Tours for this delight.

Want to roam with the long passed Confederate prisoners? Then you will like to take part in the Wine & Spirits event at the National Aviary.

Another walking tour is the Spirits of Allegheny West Walking Tour, which is held annually in this historic district.
The area is over 150 years old, stopping at haunted sites, hear stories of fated love triangles, soldiers homesick, and other ghostly stories.

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