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St. Augustine Florida

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St. Augustine Florida

Post  magssdoc on Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:48 am

The oldest inhabited town in the US. Some of the buildings have been lovingly restored.
I, myself have been on one of the ghost tours that are available in St Augustine. I can recommend if you find yourself there, to pick up a tourist map. These are available at any location and advertise many of the ghost walks available.
And if you are looking to buy a piece of investigation equipment, there are shops around, I saw one, as we went around the ghost tour, but the place were we sat waiting to start the tour is the place that sells the K-II emf meters mentioned in another thread.
This is in Avilies Street.
You can even book a Hearst to take you on a ghost tour.

The Ancient City Tours, Inc
3 Aviles Street
St Augustine, Florida 32084
tel; 904-827-0807
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