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hard rock cafe key west

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hard rock cafe key west

Post  magssdoc on Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:13 pm

Key West is quiet unique, the southern most tip of Florida, many gather on this bohemian key, crowds gather for the sunset festival and the area has a magnetic pull for artists and alternative theory practitioners.
It was a place where the wealthy would have summer homes.

It is here you will find the only haunted Hard Rock Cafe, originally constructed as a home. The beautiful building was a wedding gift from Florida's first millionaire William Curry to his Robert.
Robert had been sickly throughout his life, suffering various illnesses.
Eventually Robert inherited the control of the Curry fortune, whether it was due to his ill health or the fact he was not a good businessman, the family fortune dwindle.
Robert committed suicide which is the second floor restroom now.
Hard Rock employees tell stories of the hauntings.

You can hear the story of the haunting on The Original Ghost Tour of Key West.

Should you be visiting KEY WEST, it can either be reached by car, which my sister and her family did, there is a 50 mile an hour speed limit all the way down to the Key, or you can take a boat charter from Fort Myers on the Gulf Coast which leaves most days.
If you want to visit the second floor restroom yourself you will find The Hard Rock Cafe at 313 Duval Street, Key West.

It is worth noting that in the US, the ground floor is the 1st floor.

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Re: hard rock cafe key west

Post  Mel_Kim on Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:19 pm

Interesting but sad read Mags. Will have to tell my Matt about this as when he went to the Hard Rock Cafe in London the man let Matt into the vaults and to hold Jimmy Hendrix Flying Angel guitar bigredgrin
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