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Belasco's Theatre Broadway New York

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Belasco's Theatre Broadway New York Empty Belasco's Theatre Broadway New York

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Impersario David Belasco built this theatre, with a lavious apartment upstairs. It is said that Ladies man Belasco used to take a different actress up to his apartment every night.

Known for sitting in his box and watching productions, Belasco would at curtain down, rush back stage with his critiques of the performance of the night.

Always dressed in Black, stories of hauntings by Belasco started almost as soon as his death in May 1931, strange noises where heard and some claim to have seen him sitting in his box, scowling as he watched the performance. It said that he hasn't been seen since a production of the nude musical 'Oh Calcutta'

Although the caretaker has reported hearing the lift chains rattling as the lift makes it's make up to his apartment. His dog reacting as if he had seen something.

There is a bit more about this haunting on the website listed below.
It has a picture of David Belsaco, further down the page is a picture of Olive Thomas mentioned in the New Amsterdam theatre haunting

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