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Pearl Harbor Oahu

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Pearl Harbor Oahu

Post  magssdoc on Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:09 am

As beautiful as the Hawaiian Islands are, there is a history that is not so tranquil.
The infamous Sunday morning attack that brought America into WWII happened here, when Japanese bombers, sunk part of America's Pacific Fleet.
Men drowned in the battleships, Hickman Air Base and Schofield Barracks was bombed and strathed with bullets.

America suffered heavy casaulities when still technically at peace.
The Japanese attack without a formal declariation of War, was against all known ethics at the time, and still to this day is the cause of outrage amongst some.

It's not surprising that the young men and women who died that day, are restless and still haunt the places where they lived and met an untimely end.

In one of the buildings in Schofield Barracks, the night does not pass so easily with tales of bedding being pulled from sleeping bodies.
The sound of laughter is heard.
Mumbling can also be heard, and some objects are knocked over. Young men just wanting you to know that they are still around, even if you cannot see them.

Dead soldiers are seen to roam around the halls of Hickman Air Base, where pilots had scrambled in a vain effort to get their aircraft in the sky before they were destroyed. They are wearing clothes from WWII. In a building that bears the scars of bullets from the bombing on December 7th 1941, moaning and groaning can be heard. This building was one of the places the wounded were brought for care.
The opening and closing of doors when no one is around is another source of haunting.
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