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Different belief systems.

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Different belief systems. Empty Different belief systems.

Post  magssdoc on Sun Feb 15, 2009 8:05 am

Whilst looking at the stories regarding hauntings in Hawaii and her islands.
I noticed the difference between a society who has a different belief system than the one that is the norm in this country and this effects their attitudes towards the paranormal and belief in ghosts, afterlife.

I've always believed that people who have a Celtic heritiage are more likely to believe in the paranormal than others, simply because their culture tends to hold stories of fairies, ghosts, wraithes and other out-of-world beings.

I also believe that those brought up in a strict Puritan/Protestant faith tend to shun belief in the paranormal because they see this as going against the word of God.

The Polynesian cultural is full of venegeful gods and spirits. They fiercely fought against conversation to Christianity, when the first missionariest stepped foot on their islands.
The aborigines of Australia believe in a dreamtime state where they communicate with the gods, a more natural kindship to the land.
Hinduism believes in a multitude of Gods.

So do you think that where you are born and brought up, if it is in your genes to believe in such you will, regardless of the religious feelings around you?

Does believing in Christianity or any other formal religion, that frowns on the paranormal mean we are out of sinc with the world that believes in a more natural approach to belief, in the world around us?
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Different belief systems. Empty Re: Different belief systems.

Post  Mel_Kim on Mon Feb 16, 2009 4:45 am

Going on my own case I have always known there are ghosts and a afterlife its just something that I knew and believed in and was interested in from an early age. Now the interesting thing is how did I know this without a personal experience etc I just dont know and have never been able to answer that question. My dad was a Methodist but never to my knowledge went to church he used to in his younger days. I know from what my family has told me that he held no truck with mediums and the like saying that you should leave the dead in peace etc etc. On the other hand my mum who was Welsh did belive and did go to see mediums much to my fathers dislike etc but as my mum died when I was so young she could not have influenced me in this. My brothers and sisters do not belive in the afterlife, ghosts or god. They roll there eyes whenever I bring up the subject. So I guess I am a strange case mind you I have always known that about myself bigredgrin
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