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St Mark's Church in the Bowery New York

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St Mark's Church in the Bowery New York

Post  magssdoc on Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:17 am

The church is the last resting place of Peter Stuyvesant, the last Dutch Governor of what was known as New Amsterdam and what we now call New York.

A man that loved the city he was sent to govern after loosing a leg in war.
He had a peg leg banded with silver, and ruled the city with a determination.
So much so that children for generations were warned that the ghost of Peter Stuyvesant and his peg leg would get them.

A sexton in the church was said to have fled the building during the Civil War years because he repeatedly heard the thump/clunk sound of Pegleg Peter following him around the church. His screams distrubed the people living nearby who were annoyed to have their sleep broken.
They gathered and as the story passed down tells, listend to the tale of woe and image that the sexton had seen over his shoulder as he fled.
Believing the sexton was telling the truth, the crowd were further frightened when the bells of the church began to toll.
The only person supposed to be in the building at night was the sexton.
Feeling brave some, entered the church to find the rope that tolled the bell, ripped in half, to high for any human to have done.
The lower part of the rope was missing, only to be found on the grave of Peter Stuyvesant the next day.

He was also seen after his death by workmen and maids, as was reported looking at the wreckage of his former home when it burnt to the ground.

Stuyvesant died in 1672, and the church standing in the present location was built in 1799 to replace the original when it burnt to the ground.

The ghost of Stuyvensant was said to have been seen by
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Re: St Mark's Church in the Bowery New York

Post  Mel_Kim on Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:52 pm

Interesting that the rope was cut off from a great height and then found on his tomb.
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