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Post  magssdoc on Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:09 pm

Can you image my surprise when looking for haunting stories when I came across this one.
Havine been on holiday to Crete a couple of times, I have drunk this wine.

During the 1880's a farmer reporting hearing strange sounds and seeing strange visions around his cottage.
Many believed that he started the story to ward off young men who had been raiding his crops, others believed that it was the ancient Minoans as this is on the road to Knossis and the Minoan Palace. The stories of hauntings seemed to center on the 300 year old cottage and not the fields.
It would seem that the owners of the Winery believe in the story because the Boutari's Fantaxometoho Estate translates to Haunted Cottage!

So if you like a little tipple you can indulge yourself in a little ghostly investigation at the same time.
Nowadays the Boutair winery is brand new, with and air conditioned tasting room. From here you can look out over the vineyards, at the grapes that have produced the wine you are tasting. You may notice an pathway with a chain across it and a do not enter sign.
This leads to the home of the master vinter the non descript older building is in fact the haunted cottage with an newer second floor addition.
Should you visit the winery ask the staff about the stories and if you are lucky enough to met the master vinter see if you can get him to let you look around the outside of the cottage.
Whether or not the stories are true it makes a great story whilst drinking some of the wine in a taverna in Greece.
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Post  rachywachydooda on Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:24 am

Very Happy
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