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Post  magssdoc on Fri Jun 04, 2010 1:59 am

Originally a penal settlement Australia had even it's far share of harder prison locations.
Port Arthur on the island of Tasmania was where they sent men to break their spirits.
Named after Arthur Phillips the leader of the First fleet that landing in Australia January 1788, Port Arthur was established in 1833, starting life as a small logging encampment to a full force penitenary by 1877.
The convicts confined there, all male, described it as a 'hell on earth'.
Thousands died, under the relentless regime, supposedly to reform the hardened characters.
Even as far back as 1871, reports of 'ghosts and hauntings' were being reported, one in the newspaper article, published by a Mr Grunsell a friend of the Reverend Haywood  who was living the parsonage.

Among the ghosts seen here, is a young woman in blue, there is accounts of a child wriggling down from her mothers arms, running to an unseen person holding her arm up to be lifted.
When asked, the child said she 'was playing with the lady who lived here'

It was said that workmen, refurbishing one of the buildings, the junior medical officers home, had sanded down the floors, and varnished it before locking the doors and leaving the varnish to dry overnight.
On return in the morning, they found the imprint of an adult foot with a child's one less clear in the varnish.

People have experienced different unusal occasions whilst taking the ghost tour.
You can read some of their stories in the following sites

At the very least it sounds an interesting place to visit and take part in the Ghost Tour.

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Port Arthur Tasmania Empty Re: Port Arthur Tasmania

Post  Mel_Kim on Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:09 am

goodpost I enjoyed reading that thanks hun.
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