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Post  magssdoc on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:12 pm

It might be worth mentioning in here that the Itouch phone has an app that you can dowload to produce fake ghost photos.
There has been a rash of these photos appearing on the internet, and people were getting taken in by them.
Unfortunately this means it will be harder to spot a genuine photo.
So if you know the source of the photo and trust it.
i.e. you took the photo yourself, or you where there when the photo was taken, it is worth bearing in mind the following.

Do you trust the person who took the photograph?

If you do, then you also to be aware, how much they can do technologically wise, would they be enable to enhance a photo.
I don't mean brightening the photo up on the pc by this but possibly adding something.

Is it a digital or film photograph.
Whilst digital photos can be altered and enhanced on a pc with the aid of many of the photo programmes.

Was anyone smoking in the area?
Was there a bonfire in the area?
Is there a river or water nearby?
Is the area where you are walking dusty?

If someone is smoking or there is a bonfire nearby, you could get a misty effect on your photo.
If there is a river or water nearby, you could get water droplets or vapour mist showing as 'orbs' on your photo.
And also if it is dusty, this will throw up 'orb central'

So when looking at Ghost pictures, always take into account, when, where and how the photo was taken.
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Post  Mel_Kim on Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:22 am

Those are great points you make especially for someone like me who knows nothing about photography etc. I know that smoking and water and rain and dust and camera straps can cause photo's to look supernatural etc but with this new tech ipod thing I would not have a clue.
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