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The Comedy Store/Ciro's Nightclub USA Empty The Comedy Store/Ciro's Nightclub USA

Post  Mel_Kim on Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:03 am

This is one place I would love to do an invo.  bigredgrin

Today the Comedy Store can be found on Sunset Strip it opened in 1972 but before this its was known as Ciro's built in the 1930's it was one of Hollywood's best clubs especially during its peek in the 1940's and 50s.
The likes of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis all played at this venue.  it is said that the owners at that time had mob connections. In the upper walls of the main buildiing you can still see peep holes which were used by mobsters to keep a look out for who was comming and going in the club.

There have been several ghost investigations at the club.  Staff have reported lots of strange supernatural experiences one of which is that they get calls on the intercom from a line 31 an extension that does not exist.  Temperature drops and strange sounds are often heard by staff. Chairs move on there own and tables that have just been laid are striped bare in seconds.

The Store is said to have many ghosts two of which are a ghost of an angry man who was a hit man for the mob and who himself was tortured and killed by those he worked for.

The other ghost can be seen in the original lounge where it is said  illegal abortions were performed.  Its a ghost of a lady who performed the abortions she was arrested and is angry because she feels she was helping the women concerned.

A team from ISPR helped the owner to clear most of the mob ghosts from the club but two mafia hit men ghosts have been left there as they do no harm and protect the place.

Found this youtube clips its a very interesting watch

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The Comedy Store/Ciro's Nightclub USA Empty Re: The Comedy Store/Ciro's Nightclub USA

Post  TPF Admin on Tue May 02, 2017 2:35 am

Found this link, there is also one about a suicide tied to a strike.
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