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Post  magssdoc on Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:36 am

The ghost of Beatrice Cenci, haunts the place of her execution.
She was beheaded after being found guilty in taking part in the plotting of her father's murder in 1599, her father Count Francesco Cenci, was said to be a violent man, who brutalised and allegedly abused his daughter.

Her Stepmother, elder brother and the two men who killed the count were also executed.

Beatrice was interred in the church of St Pietro Montorio, but not left to rest in peace.
Napoleon invading troops are blamed for the desecration of her tomb, where her bodily remains were scattered and her head used as a football.
Her ghost is said to have walked since this date.

She is said to appear on September 10/11th walking along the bridge to San Angelo's Castle carrying her severed head.

Sounds of gladiators fighting can be heard from the Coliesuem at night, as can the sound of chariots racing around inside could be heard.
A woman leaving the area at night claimed her hair was pulled and she felt herself being dragged back to the Coliesuem.

And should you find yourself in Rome and decide that you want your spooky fix by going on a ghost walk, try the following.

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Re: Rome

Post  Mel_Kim on Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:03 pm

I think I would haunt a place if someone used my head as a football Shocked I know when I went to the Coliesuem it was in the 40 and one of the hottest days ever in Rome. I thought I would feel something at the place seeing as all the terrible things that took place there etc but did not feel anything. What I did feel more was in Pompei now that does feel spooky and again it was a very hot day but some parts of the place were just creepy beyond belief.
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