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Larnach Castle, Dunedin, New Zealand

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Larnach Castle, Dunedin, New Zealand

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Larnach Castle is unique, it is the only castle in New Zealand.

Originally built for William J.M Larnach and his wife, and their
six children as a family home.

It is now a hotel.

Sitting amidst 35 acres, midway along the Otago Peninsula near the city of Dunedin, no expense was spared in the building of the property.
Larnach had been born in Australia and had made his money as a merchant, banker and a politician, his wife was an heiress.
So the Castle was opulent with Italian marble, glass from Venice and tiles from England as it was constructed between 1871 and 1876.

Despite the surroundings, the now hotel, has a few guests who stay but do not pay.

Money does not always bring happiness, or health.
Larnach was married three times.
His first and second wives were in fact half sisters and both died at the Castle aged 38.

The first Mrs Larnach died in the house alone, she is said to have had an apoplexy, it's said she haunts near the bedroom in which she died.

Katie, the daughter of the Larnachs who tragically died of typhoid in 1886, haunts the ballroom which was built to celebrate her 21st birthday few years previously.

Larnach himself is said to haunt the Castle he had built for his family.
It is said that, after discovering an affair between his son from his first marriage and his young third wife, Larnarch took a gun to his head and shot himself

Although a hotel, the guest rooms are actually located a purpose built lodge newly built in 1982, much to the relief of those proposing to stay at Larnach Castle. However should they wish guests can arrange to have dinner in the Castle dinning room.
The Barker family now own and run the hotel, guests have free access to the Castle but casual visitors have to pay an entrance fee.

This place has been investigated by GhostHunters International (part of T.A.P.S) and a New Zealand group who also filmed their investigations for t.v.

A photograph of William Larnach hangs in the Castle which is quite spooky because viewed from a distance it gives the impression of being a photograph of a skull"

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