The Phantom Foxes

Palermo Catacombs - Sicily, Italy

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Palermo Catacombs - Sicily, Italy Empty Palermo Catacombs - Sicily, Italy

Post  THE BOSS!!! on Sat Mar 15, 2008 1:04 am

Palermo Catacombs - Sicily, Italy

These Catacombs recently featured in the TV programme Ghosthunting with Paul O'Grady and friends, presented by Yvette Fielding.
It was quite graphic, showing the interior of the Catacombs and their inhabitants so, if you are squeamish or do not like that sort of thing I would give this bit of the programme a miss.

The corpses are hung on the walls and said to move, perhaps a faint moment is caused by walking pass them or that they move on their own is debatable.
However it is said that noises, such as whistling, talking and murmuring as if people are talking with each other.

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